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Wake County Board of Education - District 1

Heather Scott


Our county needs leadership with experience and knowledge of the WCPSS. District 1 has unique and diverse communities and I have taken the time to get to know and strongly advocate for these towns. We also need leaders who can advocate, and work with others, at the local, state, and federal levels. 


As a PreK-12 music teacher with over twenty years experience in public, private, and charter schools, I understand that educators, teaching assistants, specialists, support staff, and administrators are professionals and deserve a knowledgeable support system. Professional development, competitive pay, and respecting the concerns of our educators and employees is crucial.


As the parent of two current WCPSS students (elementary and middle), I know families and caregivers MUST be partners in education. Our students must have equitable access to high quality education in a safe learning environment that supports and involves families at all WCPSS schools. I have navigated the IEP process with one of my children - I greatly value the importance of consistent communication. Students are the center of our why.


School board must listen to community advocacy and maintain a strong focus on the development of the child. Our public school system needs and deserves a public school advocate who will work hard for the Wake County Public School System.


A Message From Heather

March 17, 2022

During the December 2018 swearing-in ceremony, I shared a story about “my why.” I talked about my first year teaching and how a student in my General Music class never raised his hand, never participated. Through conversations with the Guidance Counselor, I learned that no one from his family had graduated from high school, and it was considered a success for him to simply be present in school. But I wanted his experience in my classroom to be more meaningful than that, so I worked each day to encourage him to participate. And one day, when I asked the class a question, I saw his hand slowly raise. I called on him and he answered correctly - what I think might have been the first time he had raised his hand in any class. I will never forget that moment, because it taught me that it is the responsibility of adults to break down barriers that get in the way of any child fully experiencing their education. While I am sure some of my decisions and votes as a board member might not always be what others would choose, I can honestly say that each of my decisions has absolutely been centered around “my why.” I always ask myself, “will this help our kids?”

After prayerful consideration and a lengthy discussion with my family several weeks ago, I wanted to announce that I am not seeking re-election this year. The last three and a half years have offered me the most amazing privilege to serve Wake County, especially the communities in District 1. Within the first few months of my first term, I visited all of the 28 schools in District 1. I met with each mayor, often more than once, to hear their thoughts and concerns, and learn about their “why”. Through many personal phone calls and meetings with constituents, and while enjoying countless local festivities and celebrations - I have learned even more about the rich histories in our part of the county. I’ve gotten to know so many of you on a personal level. I’ve also had many difficult conversations with people who have brought serious concerns to my attention. Throughout all of this, you showed how deeply you love your town - regardless of traffic (!) - and how much you embrace its history but also want access to the best resources. Many of the teachers in your schools have been there for years - they’re your family. You love your schools and want the best for them.

I once read a quote that said, “you don’t need to be a voice for others, you just need to pass the microphone.” I’ve tried very hard to do just that - to amplify your concerns at the Board table. And from the other side, I’ve tried to amplify the needs of the public school system to our state and federal policy makers. While the days have been incredibly long for our educators and school support professionals, and while our parents are concerned about their children and the impacts of Covid on their education and development - please, please - don’t ever forget the accomplishments and growth. *You* are still here. *You* are going to continue to make a difference. When we come together to help our schools, our kids will always benefit. I cannot think of a better investment: investing in people, investing in our future.

I will continue to serve in this role until December and will do so with every ounce of my heart and soul! Thank you, thank you for the opportunity to serve you these two terms. I love you, District 1.

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